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Complete KDC service for all sizes of business

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Did you know 

a poor health inspection rating can translate into a serious downturn in business, whereas a clean rating can increase revenue? saves you time, money and helps improve your kitchen's health and safety through a comprehensive program.

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We provide a full range of

hotel and commercial kitchen cleaning services. Our effective deep cleaning methods will pass any inspection. We specialize in kitchen cleaning and don't use a flooding method for commercial kitchens. Our services include deep cleaning for the entire kitchen and all appliances, including ovens, fryers, walls and more.

We offer:

- Kitchen deep cleaning
- Ovens cleaning
- Sinks cleaning
- Structure cleaning
- Canopies cleaning
- Filters cleaning
- Cookers cleaning
- Grills cleaning
- Steamers cleaning
- Fryers cleaning
- Fridges cleaning
- Sinks cleaning
- General devices cleaning eg. dishwashers etc
- Ceiling/wall cleaning
- Floor cleaning
- Window cleaning
- Removal of grease residues
- Equipment cleaning

- Vent Deep Clean (Supply & Extract)

- High Level Cleaning

- Grease Filter Clean & Exchange

We are here to clean

There are a lot of materials that sinks are made of. Such as metal, marble or glass, our crew is trained to clean all of them. We can clean it thoroughly from most conditions. We use top shelf products and equipment and make sure it is done to a very high standard.

Sinks can often take a lot of effort to clean as they are a device used to carry out a large number of everyday tasks, especially in a busy kitchen. However we understand that there are many tasks which are carried out across the whole kitchen and so there isn't much time left and it's not always enough to clean the kitchen completely and thoroughly. This is where our crew comes in to help you out and clean up after you to make your kitchen perfectly clean.

That is why we are the perfect company to hire as we can make your kitchen spotless for you at any time you need us to and we can guarantee you will be satisfied with the results of our work. We have recently cleaned a number of kitchens within businesses/hotels and have received very good feedback and we wish to have the same effect on your kitchen.



Do you have tiles in your kitchen? If so, do you remember what they looked like when they were first installed? Or did you move in to a kitchen with lines of grime already on the tiles? Whatever the reason for the dirt on your tiles is, we can fix it. Our crew is trained to clean tiles in the correct method, using the best equipment and the very best products and we will get your tiles look how they did when they first arrived in your kitchen.

Tiles are a popular choice within kitchens as they're easy to wipe down and give the stereotypical kitchen-look however they do get dirty very easily. Anything that evaporates into the air condenses on tiles and so a bit of it is always left behind, staining it ever so slightly. Over time this builds up and eventually your tiles slightly change colour. This isn't noticable if you're in the kitchen on a regular basis however if you were to compare a before and after picture, you would see the difference.

This happens very often in kitchens but a high percentage of the time it is overlooked due to the fact it happens so gradually. It's actually very unhygienic due to the fact that oils and liquids from food have evaporated onto the tiles and stuck there for a very long time and so it can bring down your kitchen's hygiene rating.

On the bright side, the solution to this problem is much less complicated. The only thing you need to do is get in contact with us and then let us take care of the rest. We will come and carry out the whole kitchen cleaning service including tile cleaning whilst you sit back and relax. Problem solved!


A big issue with kitchens in any businesses including schools, hotels and others is the hygenic standard of sinks. Lots of people overlook this as they mainly use the sink for washing dishes or just for the tap so they don't realise how much of an impact it has on the hygiene of the kitchen area which it is in.

However, sinks are indeed a very important factor of a kitchen and so they must be kept as clean as everything else. Users of sinks very rarely realise that an awful lot of food and anything else on the plates goes down the plug probably everytime they wash up. A large quantity of this food then goes right down the drain and is no longer an issue, meanwhile a smaller amount of it gets stuck and builds up around the drainage pipe. This happens a lot in commercial businesses such as hotels as there is a large amount of plates washed.

Over time this can be a problem as a lot of bacteria can build up and make the sink unhygienic to use. Also, the food stuck around the drain can eventually block the pipe and so the water will get stuck in the sink. That water is then infested with the bacteria which was built up and some of the bacteria is left around the sink even after the water has eventually drained down. Ordinary cleaning products don't always remove this bacteria which is why commercial cleaning services like us should be hired in order to have that sorted out.

Our team is well within the aspect of sink cleaning and knows exactly how to do it so that the pipes are perfectly clean and that the sink is clean and perfectly hygienic.



Many catering businesses overlook this as a fridge is seen as a simple machine which is used for storing food and keeping it fresh and cool. However there is more to it, when fridge isn't cleaned properly and regularly it can get unhygienic and will not function like it used to have.

As a variety of food is stored in a fairly small amount of space, the fridge is basically put through spills, smelly odors and overcrowding of food on a daily basis. In order to prevent this you should do a variety of things which do include a regular cleaning using the correct products, this is exactly what our team can do for you.

On a daily basis, you should of course make sure that everything is wiped and clean before it is placed in the fridge so you don't get random bits of food around it, and also make sure that all food is in sealed containers/bags to stop the smells from mixing. However this is only a temporary fix and over time the fridge will still begin to smell, which is why you need someone like us.

Our team will clean the exterior and interior of your fridge using the best products and equipment. We will make sure there is no sticky handles and stainless doors and walls. We will wipe down and wash all interior shelves and draws and make sure that your fridge is perfectly clean and ready to be used again meaning it will maintain its hygiene and carry on keeping your food fresher and cooler than ever.